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One of my true passions are candles.  There is nothing in my mind so comforting as the warm glow of candlelight, especially in these cold winter months.  Not only do they give a room a wonderful glow, they also make any complexion look radiant!

My other passion is all things vintage, and I spend a lot of time sourcing antique vessels in which to make my creations! I adore tiny vintage coffee cups, little keepsake china oddities and gorgeous glass, which gives the most wonderful effect when used for candles.

Each of my candles tends to be under 10 cm in diameter and width making them ideal for the boudoir! Lovely on dressing tables and gorgeous on mantelpieces, each one is truly unique and bespoke.

Each month I will post a new collection, this is February 2014.

I make my candles using natural soya wax and I fragrance with delicious scents, this month I have made an alluring scent of the highly prized middle eastern oud softened with baby powder – mmm divine!

Each candle is £9.99 with a burn time of approx – 4 to 5 hours.  I offer a refilling service from £4.00 which means your precious vessel will always be illuminated.  They make fabulous gifts for loved ones and special occasions, or as a special treat for yourself.

Clients who come to me for treatments will often see them alight in the treatment room and they really do add a lovely ambience to any room.

Each bespoke candle is beautifully packaged in a gift box and label.

Love Steph x




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