Eyebrows & Lashes

The Eyes Have It, For Those Who Love To Flirt With Their Eyes!

One of the best treatments for a fresh face is a brow wax & tint.  My eyebrow treatment gives great definition to any face and many of my clients comment that  the results after their brow treatment is a more sculpted face.
Combine this treatment with a lash tint and you’ll be amazed at the subtle boost these two treatments give you.  Lash & brow tinting is a minor adjustment that give great results! 

 I also offer a complimentary consultation for any new client not sure which direction to take their brows in. 

I only use the best quality, long lasting tint from Europe. 

 Stunning results for lashes and brows. 
Lash Extensions extend and open the eyes for a fresh natural look, perfect for holidays and special occasions.

Each lash is applied individually to your own lash for brilliant thicker fuller longer lashes.

Eyelash tint £12

Eyebrow wax & Tint £18

Lash Extensions £50

* Patch test needed prior to treatment
Before & after photographs my clients full set of lashes

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